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A Journey to Perspective

By: Charisse Allen


As you fall, appreciate the pain; for as you rise, it becomes your inner fire.

Do not be saddened by the drought, for you know the rain will soon drown you in joy.

Fear not the unknown of the darkness, for the sun will always rise and illuminate your path.

Do not tremble and do not falter; for I assure you, there is hope.

Perhaps hope has always been there; muffled between the tears we shed, perched atop the mountains we traverse, and bathed in the streams of the valleys we venture through.

Perhaps it lives within us all, tethered to us like our shadows; being the innate, unrelenting power that enables us to overcome any and all obstacles.

As sure as the wind blows and the tides sweep upon the shore, hope is ever-present; if only we are brave enough to allow ourselves to believe it.


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