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Our Impact

One of our goals, visions, and missions involves us, Rossies, staying up to date with research and how it pertains to ever-so changing clinical medicine. We work hard to bring these kinds of learning opportunities so that we can become research-based, learning, inquisitive physicians. 

CIBC FCIB 2022 Walk For The Cure!

RARS, along with other amazing Ross groups, Oncology, Women’s Health, and AWS were part of this amazing experience. It was an inspiring event to say the least!!

RARS was able to help donate over $350USD to the breast cancer screening program of Barbados and it was truly a privilege to be a part of something so momentous.

This walk raised funds for the Barbados Breast Cancer Screening Program in hopes of buying new equipment, but it also created much needed awareness about early screening and protection.

We must stay committed to raising awareness, educating those around us, and providing support to those most vulnerable 💖

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We joined the Hope Foundation for their annual Walk for Lupus on September 11th at 6AM at Drill Hall Beach!

Members of RARS helped volunteer, both the night before and day of doing all kinds of things to make sure this event ran smoothly.

Hope Foundation was established in 1991 and has defined itself as a legitimate player in the health sector through patient advocacy and has stuck steadfastly to its primary objective which is creating awareness of the lesser known chronic diseases in Barbados. This has been successfully executed by a group of dedicated and committed volunteers who work well together while sharing a common vision of quality living for all.

The Foundation has benefitted significantly from a very involved Medical Advisory Board that has offered expertise while always mindful and sensitive to the needs of patients thereby promoting a participatory approach to the management of these chronic diseases creating more empowered patients.

 The work of the Foundation has been conducted in a transparent and systematic way that has encouraged the confidence of public and private sector entities as well as those clients that require its services.

Learn more here:

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"Rates of SLE in Barbadian women are among the highest reported to date, with clinical manifestations similar to African American women and high mortality. Further study of this population and similar populations of West African descent might assist our understanding of environmental, genetic, and health care issues underpinning disparities in SLE."


It is very important for us, as Rossies to stay informed in order to be able to do our very best as physicians and provide patient-centered, empathetic care.

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