Our Team

Ross Academic Research Society (RARS) is a student organization that promotes research and evidence-based medicine at Ross University School of Medicine. Executive Board members serve as RARS Blog editors. Contributors may be active or former RARS members, current RUSM students or alumni who are passionate about research in their field.

An immense thank you to Dr. Liris Benjamin, Dr. Priya Dattathreya, and Dr. Sean Reid for supporting the Ross Academic Research Society in all of its goals. 

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Opeoluwa Olukorede

Kristin Ezell

Editors Emeritus:
Bahareh Sharafi
Caitlyn Landewee
Kristin Ezell
Radhika Bassi
Shivani Patel
Negar Makhsous

Akshai Chundru



Benjamin Bunnell

Vice President


Tierra Ferguson



Miranda Parker

Event Coordinator


Alyssa Canul

Public Relations 


Aardhra Venkatachalam

Director of Student Research and Education 


Zachary Merhavi

Director of Research Integration


Soniya Parikh

Research Manager


Saba Ahmed

Article Editor