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Our Goal

Ross Academic Research Society (RARS) is a student organization that promotes research and evidence-based medicine at Ross University School of Medicine.

The RARS Blog was founded in October 2020 by the Fall 2020 RARS Executive Board.

The main purpose of the RARS Blog is to serve as a platform for medical students at RUSM to stay informed on current developments in research and to learn about the ins and outs of conducting research.


We hope the RARS Blog will give students a chance to share their perspectives and enhance their understanding of what it means to practice evidence-based medicine.

Image by Steven Lelham

Vision Statement 

The Ross Academic Research Society will;

1. Serve as a source of connection between research-oriented RUSM faculty and the student body.


2. Be a valuable resource for RUSM faculty and on-campus organizations seeking student help or assistance in furthering their research goals.


3. Help students understand how decisions regarding patient care are impacted by the application of current evidence-based research in clinical practice.


4. Help students integrate and apply new and advancing research and their own basic science and clinical knowledge in practical settings.


Mission Statement

In order to achieve the RARS Vision and to educate students on evidence-based medical practice, RARS will;

1. Organize faculty panel discussions, workshops, case report presentations, and case studies that will help students understand the importance of evidence-based medical practice.


2. Organize and/or advertise meetings that will help facilitate discussion on current published research and the applicability to medical practice.


3. Create opportunities for student involvement in new and ongoing research projects at RUSM.

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